Skinny Blueberries Power Smoothies

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Hey Daisey Fresh family! It’s Lori again from The Kitchen Whisperer! Man I don’t know about you but this summer is flying by!  Thankfully here in Pittsburgh we’ve actually had a summer of pretty decent weather.  Now currently as I write this we’re having a pretty wicked high heat spell but soon enough it’ll pass… hopefully. However today, and most super hot and humid days you really don’t feel much like cooking or even eating really.  But today that’s going to change with this Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie!\n\nSkinny Blueberry Power Smoothie\n\nPittsburgh is my hometown where our summers are not so much wicked hot (we’ll get maybe a week of +90F weather) but it’s our humidity that’s nasty. Growing up I can remember we’d cook out almost every day and on the days it would rain Mom refused to put the oven on.  We didn’t have AC except a lone wall unit in our living room but that was nowhere near strong enough to handle such a large farm house. So often we’d have no cook meals OR meals that involved the crockpot.\n\nHaving had 41 acres we had a ton of berry bushes that Mom would send us kids out to pick for her to make jams and jellies.  However she always managed to save us a few cups of berries that she’d turn into a berry milk shake.  Now those were awesome but they were also fattening made with whole milk and ice cream. I still make them today but they are few and far between.  It’s in indulgence.\n\nSkinny Blueberry Power Smoothie5\n\nNowadays I live a much healthier lifestyle with 2 bins in my fridge dedicated to fresh fruits and veggies.  And thanks to the geniusness of the folks at Daisey Fresh, I can keep those items fresher, longer!  Plus knowing that their filters are 100% Natural & Organic filter is a HUGE deal for me!  It means I can trust in the product and not have any fear that some rogue chemical may be leeching into my fridge.  Not with Daisey Fresh, there is never a fear.\n\nSo as I was saying, my lifestyle is one that is fairly healthy – yes I eat sweets, pizza and fried foods but in moderation.  Now when I want a guilty pleasure I’m going full on in with say cheesecake ice cream but when I want something sweet but is guilt-less I’ll whip up this smoothie!\n\nSkinny Blueberry Power Smoothie III\n\nNow to make this, it literally takes MAYBE 2 minutes at most to put the stuff into your smoothie maker and then 15-30 seconds to blend.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when making this is you want the harder items (ice, oats, etc…) close to the blades.  So as you can see in the picture above, my lid (when I screw it on) will have the blades attached thus the ice is on the top.  If you are making your smoothie in a traditional blender you’d add the ingredients in the reverse order starting with the ice.\n\nThe only item that isn’t pictured above is the milk.  So I made the first one meaning I layered it perfectly and then added the milk.  Um, do you have any idea what milk does when you try to take a picture of stuff that layered?  Yeah, you guessed it – it pretty much just merged it all together where all you saw was milk with bits and pieces floating in it.  Yeah, it still tasted perfect when I made it but I couldn’t take a picture of it.\n\nSo I make another batch (which trust me, I was not upset about as all as these are amazing!) and took the picture before adding the milk. Now for me I liked ice in mine to give it a cool/chilled taste but you don’t have to add it.  Also, if you find you make too much, which again, is not a bad thing, these will keep overnight in the fridge.  Just stir it the next day and you’re good to go.\n\nSkinny Blueberry Power Smoothie One\n\nFor me with smoothies, I like mine thin enough to suck through a straw but not super thin; almost milkshake consistency.  If you like yours thinner by all means add more milk!\n\nWhat’s awesome about this smoothie is thanks to the Daisey Fresh filters I have in my fridge I can make a variety of flavor combinations – strawberry and kiwi, blueberry and blackberries, peaches and cream even.  You don’t have to worry or rush to use up all of your fresh fruits and veggies (FYI… kale and spinach is also awesome in this!)\n\nWant to boost up your protein intake?  Add a scoop of vanilla whey protein isolate powder to it too!  It’s perfect then for a post workout meal. For this one I kept it simple – Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries (thanks to Daisey Fresh for keeping them fresh!), honey, bananas, oats, ice, flaxseed (trust me, you want flaxseed in your diet) and milk.  For the milk you can go with any type – regular, almond, soy.  A quick ‘whirrrrr’ in the smoothie maker and I was one happy camper.  This filled me out without having to turn on the oven.\n\nSo for those summer days (though let’s be real here … you will fall in love with this and make this all year round!  Wait until you see some of the fall flavors I have!) when you really don’t feel like cooking, reach for some fruit that Daisey Fresh keeps fresh for you and whip up a batch of these skinny power smoothies!\n\nBest Kitchen Wishes!\n\nLori | The Kitchen Whisperer\n\nRecipe: Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothies\n\n1/2 cup Greek Yogurt\n\n1/2 sliced banana\n\n1 cup fresh blueberries\n\n1-2 Tbl honey\n\n3/4 cup milk (regular or almond)\n\n1/2 cup old fashioned oats\n\n1 Tbl flaxseed\n\n5-6 ice cubes (optional)\n\n1 scoop vanilla whey protein isolate powder (optional)\n\n \n


  1. In a blender (or smoothie machine) add the ingredients in the following order (See note) – yogurt, blueberries, honey, bananas, oats, protein powder (if using), flaxseed, ice (if using) and milk.
  2. \n

  3. Blend/process on high for 15-30 seconds until smooth and creamy. Add more milk if a thinner consistency is desired.
  4. \n

  5. Store any leftover smoothie covered in the fridge.
  6. \n

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