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GreensThere are also some innovations to help extend the life of your fruits and veggies. Some products actually absorb ethylene and can be dropped into a crisper, such as the Daisey Fresh the only 100% natural product on the market that absorbs ethylene gas and create an atmosphere that inhibits respiration.\n\nAt least as important as how you store produce is when you buy it. Do all your other shopping first so that your berries and broccoli don’t get warm——and respire rapidly——while you’re picking up nonperishable items. Get the produce home and into the fridge as soon as possible. If you’ll be making several stops between the market and kitchen, put a cooler in the car. Shop farmers’ markets soon after they open: Just-harvested greens wilt rapidly once they’ve been in the sun for a few hours.\n\nFastest to Slowest Spoilers: What to Eat First\n\nYou can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with just a single weekly trip to the supermarket, with proper storage and a little planning. The key is eating the more perishable produce early on. Use this guide, right——created with the help of Marital Cantwell, PhD, and postharvest specialist at the University of California, Davis——based on a Sunday shopping trip. The timing suggestions are for ready-to-eat produce, so allow extra days for ripening if you’re buying, say, green bananas or not-quite-ripe pears. And remember, looks count. Appearance—is the best clue to whether fruits and veggies are fresh.\n\nFreddie says Keep your fruit & veggies separated\n\nTo help extend your fruit & veggies shelf life put your fruit in one drawer and your veggies in another drawer. Also remove all plastic bags or open the bags to the max so the Daisey Fresh filter and Freddie & his pals can do their job of reducing excess moisture, ethylene gas and bad odor.  Enjoy more and spend less with Daisey Fresh!

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