Daisey Fresh/FAQ

Q / How long will the Eco filter last?

Freddy: It will last six weeks in your fridge and last another 90 days in your home, like in your tennis shoes.

Q / Is the Eco filter safe next to my fruits & veggies?

Freddy: The Eco filter is 100% natural and certified organic…Its Safe for use with food, kids & pets.

Q / Where do I put the Eco filters?

Freddy: The Eco filters can be used any where in the fridge, But the best place for them is inside your fruit or veggie crisper drawer.

Q / Is there any maintanance?

Freddy: Yes, the filter holder should be washer with water every 30 days.

Q / Where can I buy Daisey Fresh filter kits and refill eco filters?

Freddy: he only place you can buy Eco filters is on the Daisey Fresh web site, We keep costs down & ship directly to you.

Q / What will the Daisey Fresh eco filter do in my fridge?

Freddy: The eco filter will reduce excess moisture & ethylene gas the two main causes for spoilage & decay of fruit & veggies.