Freddy, the Freshness Ball says…

Daisey Fresh is more than just a great product that keeps your produce “Ultra Fresh”.  It’s a designed method of organizing your fridge to get optimal results from your Daisey Fresh filters. Looking at each of your fruit & veggie crisper drawer as a separate environment, all fruits & veggies transpire (lose water content) water vapor which is then collected by the Daisey Fresh filter along with Ethylene gas. Without Daisey Fresh filters, your crisper drawers harbors most of the moisture, which then accelerates the decay process. This is a proven scientific fact.  Instead, consider organizing your fruits & veggies in open containers such as lidless containers on the right (illustrated in the photo below).\n\nFridge org\n\nAs you can see, utilizing this best practice with all your veggies, accompanied with the filter on the left, you would ensure your vegetables are kept “Ultra Fresh”.\n


  1. Step one wash your veggies when you unpack them from the store
  2. \n

  3. Place your selected veggies in open containers
  4. \n

  5. Place the Daisey Fresh filter case on the side of the crisper drawer.
  6. \n

  7. Place your full container into their appropriate Fruit or Veggie drawer.
  8. \n

  9. Enjoy your fresher produce longer & reduce waste
  10. \n


Daisey Fresh…Enjoy More & Spend Less!


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